Amber Coated Shards of Saelokit

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::Skin of Innocence::
I breathe a deep breath inward to at last slip mine toes into the woven rugs of mine hang the mirrored tribal tapestry marking mine wall of slumber. I have claimed a roof and walls in the South, within an unknown city yet to be tread upon. It shall wait outside the door and windows there, weaving in upon itself for I shall curl here for a wee bit. Unlock the trunks and scent...slip mine hands inside what I have not known since the Storm raped "Home" from mine very back. This soil is stable, the Gods move so intricate here their breath is heavy nectar scented upon mine neck.
Uhlume slumbers so deeply, wolf gaze glinted as a child. V. comes in tall and stretching to steal a shard and flee, hide it in the corners. Such sacred treasures, He senses are all His to inherit.
What do I vow for this unwinding Future coming down the path...?
May Strength come and wrap Her arms about me, hold tight and sure.
May Love wind inside over the distance from mine Beloved and heal mine heart of jade, so ravaged...curl from mine and into His ribcage and keep Us sacred.
May Hope come out from beneath the floorboards and take mine fingers so softly in Hers to intertwine with the dew soaked stems of flowers.
May the Widows take up their loom from gnarled fingers hidden in dust coated frocks.
May Fate be wooed with chocolates and strings to Bless mine brow, braid a lock of Her fire coloured tresses into mine to mark the hour.
I wish the world to each of You and I am Coming...No,reach outwards for mine wrist...I am already Here.
Let the sin of Hate fall away, mine gaze glinted ash...I have been far too long in the feral grave.

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Might you offer your address to me at I have a few tokens I would wish to press into your palm!

You write so beautifully. May you find peace and comfort.

Love to you.

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