Amber Coated Shards of Saelokit

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I have been Underneath,slipped where mine hands only scrawled with inks.
Mine tread has been slight and crooked,upon the railroad tracks and crossroads.
Tracing the olden pathways of mine days as a girl-child I have come to look the Truth in the eye and acknowledge the tripping and lost mannerisms.
Seeking to forgive in Healing, the mirror remains with clouds sliding through reflection.
This Solitude I am within and the Dreaming glints the hollows in the corner and mine wrists are caught.
I remain amongst the Plains where the Depression never passed onward from this soil. The dust still coats the eyelids and pockets are worn thin with the sorting for silver...oil stained fingertips.
I cluck mine tongue and with sideways lidded gaze pray for Departure. O,yes.
I shall Breathe and trace upon this Amber Glass in the Now as the key is imprinted upon mine palm.

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Blessings upon You and Yours, with Love.

And to You, Dearheart.
I shall be treading backwards over Your days to catch up the Time lost inbetween.
Psst...Did You and the House ever receive mine thank you card...?
I sent such and never heard a word backwards and have been a wee concerned.

We did receive your card. My apologies for lack of response. I seem to recall that I was not aware of its receipt for several days afterwards: such is the hazard of not being the first to the postal box.

As for the time between. Unfortunately there has been much Drama, and my acquaintance pool has dwindled. You have been greatly in my thoughts as of late, as one of the few who truly Care. I am glad that you posted, for I would resume communications.

All the love...

Good-day, to you, Dearheart.

I hope all has been well.

Saelokit, oh wherefore art thou?
Like a shade, you've slipped away somewhere,
and I can't find you!

i miss your writings. please visit more often.
unless you have another source of poetry... please share

I loved hauntingly beautiful. I had forgotten about LiveJournal, I'm surpised I remembered my password. Glad to see you still write here. I will put up MySpace IM in case you are ever on.

Ever, M

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