Amber Coated Shards of Saelokit

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I have been underneath glass, the musk of soil moist between mine toes. All have come through as muffled, the tongues foreign and benign.
Miss Tamastara, mine beloved daughter-of-fur passed beyond flesh into Death. It is of mourning which hangs about mine shoulders. A spider slipped venom as trickster and swiftly She slipped secretly from beyond those amber wolf orbs.
This hour of the Dreamscape hunts to reveal mine journey forth to the vibration of Home upon mine lips, the slick cobblestones in decay at heel. Haunted. I wonder at what awaits therein as I have allowed a full passage of distance between yet now the hour echoes to Return. I shall gather the means, ache to breathe in this skin anew with eyelashes stitched too wide.
The Piscean hour drums the birthing, heartbeat quick with Life.
We remain Glowing pure, interlocked into essence and I yet wonder through the stench of blood how ever did mine path cross to such an amazing Union through destruction.

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My condolences are yours, dearheart.

I am so very sorry sweet lady, my heart goes out to you......Tanith xxx

Tamas! No!
My heart flies into a thousand red shards at these words..
My sorrow is with you, and also strength.
Sending you blue lights and lamentations, lullabies..
and love,

Yes, how the glowing Godess is mourned and how She adored thoroughly licking your eyelids akin to a cub.
I am within Your city and would like to meet an exchange having missed You so.
There is so very much of mine world I want to introduce You to and also know Yours.
All the digits lost in static along the way and even the glass e-mails lost all info of mine contacts.
I am yet of rebirth after the storm and at last I believe I have found a place in which to rise.
You may e-mail at: that I may offer You digits and locations. Mayhaps We could meet for tea in this city?

Thy name came to me in dreams on this forth night.

To the loss of one I give my souls utterings of sorrow.

Find peace sister.

Mayhaps a further glimpse of Yourself would be offered backwards if the Dreamscape has placed a thread between Us..?
Tongues to spin the tale of You and you.

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