Amber Coated Shards of Saelokit

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::Solitude Vultured::
The Dreamscape evades mine breath in this hour even as the wolves curl stretched and mine Beloved Mars long and crooked embraces mine every essence, the tremors still gut as the Dead & Demons place gifts at mine door, sly utterings of pathways revealed and the demise of Others. I turn such lovely glints into Their very own hands and know All shall find the mark intended. I am casting with a certainty, realizing the blessing of the destruction as All is glowing with carven sigils and I am at last released into the Blood of Chaos.
I Remain.
The blood ashes are coated in stench as the dreadlocks and photographs become another form, woven through mine fingers and toes. The musk of copal and sage purify mine very skin.
I Awaken.
The scars traced are not of Betrayal & Lust, but of Truth and Belief. In Solitude mine orbs are far too intense with All which is taken within and mine throat never formed the translation. So I accept and with laughter of the outcome,simply take hold of the Burning glory.
The gorgeous blackbirds gather so very near to mine every movement, I stretch to listen to the symbolism in their chatter as they track mine gaze.
To the count of Seven I am of Healing and Strength has Her leather straps about mine shoulderblades as I take up the skein and weave these tatters into mirrored depths. Yes,yes. The Widows trace mine veins to know the pattern as I glow.
We are interlocked in the Creation as the roadways are as mosaic with ichor.

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Almost. Did You receive the insect coated scrawl I sent backwards to You?

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