Amber Coated Shards of Saelokit

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Emerald Glint
Struggling with slight of hand with the Scientists I remain suspended underneath, the amber of mine eyelids flecked and panic is just beneath; fluttering. Survival is as ever, just in reach if only the pieces would shudder slam into place and mine inner has begun to unravel with just that tattered thread.
I am in the sphere of a different city, borrowed a corner to sift and pace within as the hourglass is looking a wee bit lean and hollow.
All which I hold sacred is keeping the children-of-fur without sharpened ribcage and so very safe and sideways grinning
that no shattered Hope will tug on sweet pointed ears, gnaw on tufts of fur and tail.
Mine heels and toes are beyond dancing in the Now, I am quite furiously rushing with the bitters stinging mine doubt.
Of this, mine gaze has taken a backwards glint glancing to this fistful of Time past and All which has been laid at mine toes with what seems as little care nor honour by the Trusted and I may only let it All slip through mine hands. Kiss the distance cold and embrace the Now.

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Be well, my elusive and wind-blown friend.

We must reach one another. The digits do not reach this city.
I will reach outwards once more is in place.

I am rarely at home, due to my performance in Showboat. You can reach me at the office during the day, or at home between 5-5:30 and after 10 or so.

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