Amber Coated Shards of Saelokit

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::Mundane Spit::
The world is as gossamer strands through mine eyelashes, breathing is remembered and musked scent coats mine lungs kaleidoscopic.
I took mine flesh bone box to the Scientists to trade for silver coin but the carnival had already pulled away from the village and I was left with only mine scuffed dust striped stockings and mine hands fluttering to pockets and ribcage. I click mine tongue thrice on the roof of mine mouth and simply Believe it shall All fall into place. The wolves sigh and grin
sideways of bliss to witness mine courage.
I shall whisper one sacred slicked secret before I leave this scrawl for each of You:
'He returned, all crooked in perfection and promise...and I glow of mine orbs in Truth&Belief.'
I am a sharp tooth slit sideways glinted glowing Aela as I stitch and hum in this strange suspended land.

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Nice to see you alive and around. ;)

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