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Amber Coated Shards of Saelokit

Saelok Andromache
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'Your gentle mouth lies nursing at the sphynx-breasts of my throne.
Your thirst has drawn you to me, and I give you drink.
For I am sleep.
I brush you now with opium's blue tone,
With leaves that fan apart and gently sink.
And they are filled with darkened silhouettes
That show, when held toward midnight, coloured forms.'

In the Belly of a Volcano in Paradise

:Other Glass fissures of Saelok may be found here,if curiosity gnaws: [Scry Your fingers & Dreams]
16 horsepower, alabaster, alchemy, altars, amber, angels, anguis, apocalyptic folk, ashes, astrology, autumn, awakening, ayabba, beyond, bird tribes, blood, blood sigils, bone, braids, breath, broken things, carving, chanting, chaos, claws, clothing design, corsetry, crones, crows, da'ath, daemons, dancing, demonic angels, desert, draconic angels, dreadlocks, dreaming, dreams, dreamscape, dusk, echoes, energy, entities, essence, eternity, ether, eyelashes, fairytales, falcons, folklore, foreign films, forests, francesca lia block, frocks, fur, garnets, gateways, gauze, glass, gormenghast, gypsies, herbalism, hollow, howling, hyenas, instinct, inter-dimensional exploration, italian prog rock, jackals, k-drama, knitting, lapis lazuli, legba, loa, loki, lullaby, lunacy, lycanthropic, lycanthropy, mirrors, misanthropy, multi-verse, nectar, neil gaiman, nephilim, new orleans, nick cave, nomadic wanderers, norse gods, occult, owls, pale skin, patchwork, pomegranates, pyramids, rags, ravens, rebirth, reiki, ribbons, rituals, scars, scrawling, sephiroth, serpents, sewing, shades, shadows, shamanic masks, shamanism, shattered things, sigur ros, singing, sixteen horsepower, snow, spheres, sphynx, spiritus tenebrae, stained glass, stitching, storms, strength, symbolism, talismans, talons, tamastara, tangles, tanith lee, tattered cloth, teeth, tom waits, tribal, tribal bellydance, twins, uhlume, vazdru, veins, veve, vibrations, voodou, vultures, widows, wind, wings, winter, wisdom, wolves, world music, woven hand, wraeththu