Amber Coated Shards of Saelokit

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::Reptilian Sea::
It is the Gods whom have come forth, carving visions behind mine eyelids with Tooth and Feather.
Stone and Blood.
I awaken stark in the scrying, patterned with bruises and teeth marked. There is Sobek whom has been rather fierce with constant intrigue of mine aquatic passage through the Dreamscape.
Beyond this, I have been breathing underneath and gathering for the coming moments. Mine tread has come along as worn and traced, though few recognize the feathered sigils within to sense the slip of hooves.
Locking gaze, matching breath as mine wrists are encircled by the Widows clicking their tongues akin to angels. V. stretches in the Becoming, M. glowing intertwined at mine side and sacred U at Our feet. I wonder of the magnolia tree root cradle at this touch and simply believe in the crooked decipher as each Entity places their mark at mine brow & ankle.

'Cause I love you so and your so good to me
I'm going to plant a magnolia tree
and it will grow tall, we will grow old
then I will dig us a deep wide hole
at the magnolia tree
and I will go first, then you will join me
there in the shade of the magnolia tree
you in a dress and me in a suit
we'll lie together in the tangled root of a magnolia tree
and our flesh will rot but our bones will not scatter
the roots of that tree will bind us together
in life we're married by preacher and church
in death we'll be married in rich black earth by a magnolia tree
and when we are gone our children will come
in the pouring rain and the burning sun
they will find comfort in our memory
in the shade and shelter under that tree
the magnolia tree'
~Truckstop Honeymoon


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